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Meal Planning Starter Kit

Do you struggle with finding the time to plan healthy meals and snacks (at least most of the time), and/or knowing what foods will help you reach your health and wellness goals AND also make you feel good, satisfied, and energized?


Felicia is Sustain Nutrition's Nutritionist/Dietitian/Health Coach, and Owner. She has been studying nutrition and working in the field for over 11 years, and understands that sometimes people need a little extra support and guidance to achieve their goals. 

Download the exact meal planning starter kit that Felicia provides to her clients to help them achieve goals such as: healthy weight loss/gain/maintenance; managing cholesterol, diabetes, and food allergies or intolerances...for free!

The starter kit includes:

  • a comprehensive yet simple/realistic grocery list, with many options for each category of: veggies, fruits, dairy and alternatives, healthy carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, spices, condiments and herbs, to help you navigate the grocery store and plan more healthy, nourishing meals. 

  • a 7-Day meal planning template; and

  • several simple and delicious recipes for snacks and meals to get you started. 

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