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How Can A Dietitian Help Empower Your Health?

Dietitians can help empower your health in many ways. Contrary to popular belief we are NOT the food police. We do not shove healthy food guidelines down your throat and expect you to go on your merry way and follow them. We are trained to understand that each individual person is different, and there are many, many factors that influence people's choices (e.g., income; geographic location; access to healthy food, transportation, etc.; psychology and past experiences; and so much more). This means that what might work for one person, might not work for the next! 

It doesn't take much to know that there is a lot of confusing misinformation out there with regards to health and nutrition (to the point where it's frustrating, really). That's because unfortunately anyone out there can write an article or make a meme. Some of these things might seem very compelling, and may seem like they make sense, and but trust me when I say that just because it seems or feels like it's true, doesn't mean it is! Dietitians are trained to understand the best source of information, and to see through all of the fear-mongering, and the "sexy" but misguided messages out there. 

Check out the chart below to discover some of the many ways that Dietitians can provide you with the best information, guidance and support to empower your health!

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