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What We Offer

Do you find yourself confused, frustrated, and at your wit’s end with all the confusing, conflicting, and restrictive diets and information out there? They promise instant health, happiness, and a 'better body'; but seldom does the information ever measure up to the bold claims. 


If any or all of these describe you, let us work with you to relieve the stress and find simple and easy ways to improve your lifestyle, your productivity, kick the diet mentality, improve your body image, and ultimately your health all without drastic changes. 

At Sustain Nutrition we offer online or in-person one-on-one personalized counselling; couples and family sessions; cooking classes; group/corporate education sessions, presentations, and employee wellness programs; and media appearances. Specialties include: healthy cooking and meal planning; sustainable weight management; digestive wellness; food allergies & intolerance; sports nutrition & supplements; pre/postnatal & child nutrition and more!

See below in both the 'Counselling'  and 'Education' sections for more details. To purchase a service using a promo code, visit the shop section. Alternatively, if you would prefer to pay using another method (e.g., cash, email money transfer, etc., please contact us to book an appointment). 

Check out all the amazing ways working with a Dietitian can empower your health here!


Note: Dietitian services are coveres by many insurance companies. Inquire today!