Felicia Newell,


Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist

& Personal Trainer

Sustain Nutrition


T: 709.749.5477

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  • Stay in Facebook group for support, challenges and motivation
  • Unlimited quick questions and answers via Facebook and/or email
  • Included in the contest for prizes
  • Bi-weekly 15-20 minute check-ins via email and/or phone. This can be a combination of quick, short emails and messages, or 1-2 longer check-ins every 1-2 weeks.
  • Assessing progress and providing specific recommendations/feedback to help you reach your goals
  • Re-adjusting plan if necessary (e.g. recalculating calories/macros if not seeing progress, or if significant amount of weight lost, or if there is a change in your situation)


  • Very similar to Tier 2, but some people requested more in person sessions every 2-3 weeks, which ended up being 30-60 minutes each, to go over food journals, progress, etc. and for accountability and support in an in person setting. This of course was a little bit more of a time commitment on my end, so I have to offset the price to account for that.

Transformation Program Re-Join - Tier 3